Guitar's are used in almost every genre in music. There are even two main types, electric and acoustic. Each one produces a different sound, and there is an acoustic electric hybrid that allows modern folk singers to get additional sound out of the original format. For all of its versatility ,there is one genre of music people do not normally associate with this instrument. Many people who first lean an instrument, regardless of age, are often surprised to hear things like "Ode to Joy," one of Beethoven's classics, was originally composed for the mandolin. String instruments other than the ones that normally appear in the symphony orchestra. More than one composer has used Acoustic Guitars to compose or even make classical music.

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What is a classical guitar?

Anyone who has browsed the instrument section of his local newspaper or wondered what the description means. In some cases, this means the instrument has six string's instead of twelve. Classical guitar's have a rounded body shape and they use nylon string's instead of steel string's. The material makes the instrument sound less tangy. The average person does not know this difference when they start out. An individual may purchase an electric guitar unknowingly.

Which one sounds better?

Although guitar's differ in terms of quality, neither style is better than the other. It simply depends on what the person wants. Someone who wants to learn to play the instrument can use either style. People who are looking for a particular sound may want to choose carefully. Classical guitar's work best for folk music while the other variety works best for pop and rock music. The classical guitar, however, usually has cheaper string's than its counterparts.

This is interesting, but how do I make classical music on a guitar?

Making classical music is simple, just learn to play classical songs on the instrument. There are even some that are written with this type of guitar in mind. Do some research first. If the person wants to compose music, that is a different story. He can use the guitar to determine how a finish piece will sound when it is done. It's often used in conjunction with the piano. Composers know they have to write the music for every instrument in their orchestra. This is not an easy task, although some people may believe they are up to it before they understand what it entails.