Bass Guitars

People often confuse the bass guitar for a regular guitar. One of the top distinguishing factors between a bass guitar and a regular guitar is that the former has just four String's whereas the latter has six. Due to the lesser number of String's, it is comparatively easier to learn how to play the bass guitar as opposed to the conventional guitar! Moreover, Bass Guitars are very versatile and they can pep up any song and add some pizazz to it irrespective of the genre, which is why you must include it in your music! Once you get the hang of playing a bass you will be able to produce anything from rich harmonies to low-end solos!

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Because the bass guitar is so versatile, it is not surprising that it adds a great beat to different songs. This is because the bass guitar plays an octave lower than a regular acoustic, which is why it is capable of generating the pulse of the music. Music is art and as a bass guitarist or bassist, you can use this wonderful musical instrument to create numerous musical styles for yourself and produce masterpieces! This can be done by playing around with the notes and rhythms until you get the result you like! When combined with drums, the bass guitar is a treat for the ears! A Bass is generally used for genres such as rock, swing, funk, world beat, odd meters and so on.

One of the best ways of using the bass guitar is to move the song along to add variety to the notes. In order words, you can propel the music along by creating a little tension and then releasing it. Also, if there are drums in the song then you will need to work very closely with the drum beats in order to establish the rhythms. Also, don't forget to keep a steady rhythm while you're playing the bass guitar.

If you have absolutely no idea about playing a bass then you'll need to establish the framework and learn the basics first. In addition to taking bass guitar lessons, you should also try listening to popular songs that have iconic bass lines, like 'Under pressure' by Queen, 'Give it away now' by Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'Billie Jean' by Michael Jackson, 'Money' by Pink Floyd, 'Chameleon' by Herbie Hancock and so on. You will notice that the foundation of most of these classics are constructed using fifths, octaves and roots only. Thus, you too can take your inspiration from these hip bass lines and create your own!

Thus, in conclusion it can be said that a bass is definitely worth the investment because they add a great beat to the songs you play. Moreover, these guitar's act as a liaison between the drums and the other instruments used in the band. Crafting bass lines for a song is a lot of fun once you master the art of playing the bass guitar. Thus, you should definitely not overlook this humble musical instrument when you're playing a song.